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At its core function, ALAANA Project is a modular chamber music collective whose goal is to learn, perform and bring awareness to the classical and modern solo and chamber works of women and BIPOC composers. This course is for both Undergraduate and Graduate instrumentalists at the Frost School of Music.

ALAANA refers to African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, Native American descent. The collective is modular; smaller groups are formed out of it based on repertoire. The format is a combination between chamber music coaching and that of an MMI-DIY class. Each group rehearses and prepares the music, and each work receives a 30-minute weekly coaching. Once a month, in lieu of coaching, the collective comes together within a forum-like setting, where groups perform for each other and receive feedback from their peers. The culmination is a pre-taped virtual concert from the Gusman stage, produced by the collective.

This chamber music section also encourages original works, genre-crossing repertoire, and sounds that stretch boundaries. Solo works are allowed. Living composers will occasionally visit ensembles to lend insights to their works.

Piano Quartet No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 151 (1879) by Gabriel Faure (1845-1924)

Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp by Claude Debussy

Trio Sonata from the Musical Offering by J.S. Bach