Percussion Instrumental Performance

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The mission and vision of Frost’s Classical Percussion Program are to inspire, refine and diversify our percussionist-musicians, while empowering them to meet and exceed the industry’s high standards and demands.

The cornerstone of our program features highly imaginative and modern relevant expertise, offered by our top-notch faculty. A highlight is the students’ ability to study seamlessly and simultaneously with both professors. The main educational focuses for our students are soloistic (led by Svet Stoyanov) and orchestral (led by Joe Petrasek). Both are creatively unified by one of Frost School’s “crown jewels” - the widely respected and Internationally acclaimed Frost Contemporary non-conducted Percussion Chamber Music curriculum (also known as The Frost Percussion Group).

At the undergraduate level, our students enjoy a modern, custom tailored and multifaceted curriculum, which features lessons with both of our professors and chamber music studies. 

Our graduate students are given the rare opportunity to pursue a more specific direction of studies which they can personally customize in collaboration with our faculty. This innovative approach allows our musicians to precisely choose how they profile themselves in any combination of orchestral, solo and/or chamber music. 

Such an inventive and advanced creative environment for our students places us at the forefront of today’s percussion and musical education. It also empowers Professors Svet Stoyanov and Joseph Petrasek to fulfill their vision: to train young artists and musicians, possessing the depth and abilities necessary to thrive and remain relevant in the music industry.