Classical Guitar Instrumental Performance

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Classical Guitar Ensemble Classical Guitar Ensemble pose for a group picture with their guitars

Welcome to the Department of Classical Guitar!

The Classical Guitar program at the Frost School of Music is the second oldest continuing guitar program in the country. It was founded over forty years ago and continues to offer a well-balanced and flexible curriculum that can be tailor-made to meet specific musical and career goals, whether it be in performance, education, music engineering, music industry, music therapy, or other related fields in the music industry.

Guided now by professor and program director Rafael M. Padron, the Guitar Program has started a new chapter and is fully committed to providing the highest level of musical training.

Dedicated Artist Faculty, Outstanding Curriculum

The program comprises a wide variety of repertoire for the Classical Guitar. It also includes:

  • Guitar Ensemble,
  • Chamber Music,
  • Solo performance, and
  • Guitar forums.
Students are taught by an outstanding dedicated artist faculty creating a challenging working atmosphere, ideal for the serious, motivated young student.
The curriculum includes:
  • private guitar lessons,
  • guitar forums,
  • chamber ensembles, and
  • one solo recital every semester.

Weekly performances, guitar literature and pedagogy, and fingerboard skills are essential parts of the curriculum as well.

Concerts and competitions are on the horizon for prospective students, along with the opportunity of recording a demo CD in the last semester.

Scholarships are available based on auditions and academic achievement. At the completion of the degree, students will record a demo CD at the University of Miami recording studio.

As part of this new era, the department seeks to inspire students to achieve the best level of performance possible. Guitar students are well prepared for the diverse musical world they are about to enter; alumni of the program enjoy successful and varied careers as performers and teachers of chamber music, as well as solo and collaborative repertory.

Flourish at the Frost School of Music

The Frost School of Music is one of the largest private schools of music in the country training up to 750 students annually. With our wide range of degree programs, our Frost Method®, and Dean Berg's vision, the Frost School is a new national model for schools of music in the 21st century. The University of Miami is a top-tiered university and is ranked in the top 40 colleges and universities in the United States of America.